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What Is UAE Golden Visa And Who Is Eligible To Apply?

What Is UAE Golden Visa And Who Is Eligible To Apply?

Since its implementation, the UAE Golden Visa programme has caused quite a stir among some expatriate groups with aspirations of obtaining permanent residency in the United Arab Emirates. UAE golden visa consultant will guide you through the process. 


The Golden Visa is anticipated to significantly strengthen the UAE's position as one of the top hubs for international business and investment thanks to its enlarged categories and eligibility. All you need to know about UAE Golden Visa, including the requirements, advantages, application process, and more, is provided here. 


What Is the UAE Golden Visa?


The Golden Visa initiative aims to entice foreign capital and talent to the UAE. Foreign talent can live, work, and study in the UAE for up to ten years with the Golden Visa, a long-term resident visa. This golden residence programme is only available to a select group of people, including investors and those with remarkable talents.


The ability to live and work in the nation, accessibility to top-notch healthcare and education and the capacity to sponsor family members for residence visas are just a few advantages it grants bearers. The Golden Visa is valid for ten years, after which it may be extended.


Who Is Eligible to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa?


The Golden Visa is available to real estate investors who meet one of the requirements listed below:


* Acquiring a property for at least AED 2 million,

* Acquire a house using a loan from one of the listed neighbourhood banks,

* Acquire one or more Completed or off-plan properties costing at least AED 2 million from a list of accredited local real estate firms.


Please be aware that the UAE has extended the 90-day window for property owners before their resident visas expire or are cancelled. Hence, foreign nationals now have six months to leave the country or change their status and obtain a new residence visa. During the grace period, there are no fines.


What Are the Requirements to Obtain a UAE Golden Visa?


Requirements for Foreign Investors


1. Those with public investments worth at least AED 10 million (in the form of a corporation or an investment fund) are eligible to apply for this visa, valid for ten years.

2. The government will grant business partners who each donate AED 10 million a 10-year visa.

3. On the other hand, applicants for a 5-year visa must have at least AED 5 million.

4. The person should keep the money invested for three years and not lend.

5. Individuals must be the exclusive owners of all assets. 

6. In addition, up to 60% of the fund may be used for real estate.

7. The holder's spouse, children, one chief executive director, and an advisor are all granted long-term UAE golden visas.


Requirements for Real Estate Investors


1. Real estate investors have similar criteria to other types of investors. 

2. Nonetheless, they can apply for a 5-year visa and must invest AED 5 million.


Requirements for Individuals With Specialized Talent


1. Specialized talent holders may apply for a 10-year UAE golden visa. 

2. Only after receiving accreditation from their various departments and fields would they be able to apply for the visa.

3. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence or Emirates Scientists Council accreditation is required for scientists. 

4. The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development must accredit creative people in culture and art.

5. A teacher from one of the 500 international universities recognized by the ministry of education is a requirement for applicants.

6. Physicians are required to have 20 years of clinical experience in their speciality. These people's partners and kids will also be granted this visa.


Requirements for Families


1. The UAE Golden Visa also covers families of applicants. From the discussion above, applicants can learn about the prerequisites for the UAE Golden Visa. Let's now concentrate on the application process.


Requirements for Chief Executives


Candidates must hold a bachelor's degree and have at least five years of experience. They must be employed legally in the UAE and receive a wage of at least 30,000 AED.


Requirements for Entrepreneurs


The UAE Golden Visa is available to those who have an active project with a minimum investment of AED 500,000 (1,02,09,463) or who have the approval of an authorised business incubator in the nation.


Requirements for Students and Specialists


In private and public secondary schools, exceptional pupils must achieve a 95% average. Additionally, university graduates (both domestically and abroad) must have a distinction GPA of at least 3.75.


How to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa?


People can submit applications through the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, or ICA (the eChannel for residency and citizenship).


ICA only accepts online applications. GDRFA, however, supports both online and offline applications. To complete the UAE Golden Visa, follow the steps listed below.


How to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa Online Through ICA?


Step 1: Go to the ICA's official website.

Choose "Golden Visa" from the "Public Services" list in step 2. 

the option "Visa to Complete the Processes of Golden Residency" will appear.

Step 2: Provide documents and the necessary information.

Step 3: Pay the service fee. 


People must wait for permission before they can successfully finish the application process.


Suppose applicants are arriving from outside the UAE. In that case, the ICA will have entry permission (with a validity of 6 months) and be able to extend it for an additional six months to complete the process of obtaining a golden residency in the nation.


How to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa Online Through GDRFA?


Step 1: Go to the GDRFA Dubai website's official webpage.

Step 2: Choose the Golden Visa form service list. An "Investor Residency Visa (Golden Visa)" option will appear.

Step 3: Choose "Start Service" and log in. Provide vital details and submit the required paperwork.

Step 4: Pay the service fee. 


Upon examination of the application by the relevant authorities, applicants will be informed of the following steps. Business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE will guide you further.


How to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa Offline Through GDRFA?


Visit the authorised typing centres if you want to submit your application offline. Experts can type and complete your visa application via the relevant emirate's GDRFA. You will be informed of the outcome and given the original entry permit if it is accepted.


What Is the Cost to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa?


AED 650 and AED 1,150 (about) are the fees for a 5-year and 10-year UAE golden visa, respectively. Now that people know who is eligible for a golden visa in the UAE, its definition, eligibility requirements, the application process, and other crucial details, let's look at the characteristics and advantages of owning a golden visa.


What Are the Features and Benefits of a UAE Golden Visa?


The distinct characteristics and related advantages of the UAE Golden Visa are covered below. Foreign nationals with Golden Visas can reside, study, work, and conduct business in the UAE region.


Applicants can acquire 100% company ownership with a UAE golden visa. In addition to having a six-month entrance visa, it facilitates multiple entries and the issue of resident permits.


Additionally, it enables residents to sponsor their relatives, such as wives and kids of any age. Your search for What is UAE Golden visa can be over with such a thorough talk. For the UAE Golden visa application to be successful, carefully read the eligibility conditions.

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