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What Are The Steps To Getting A Mainland License In Dubai?

What Are The Steps To Getting A Mainland License In Dubai?

Investors with mainland licenses had historically been obliged to name a local sponsor who owned at least 51% of the company's stock. Except for economic operations with strategic importance, which are found in only seven sectors, more than 1,000 commercial and industrial activities are open to 100 percent foreign ownership.

Company setup in Dubai mainland becomes easy with the Mainland License and will facilitate your enterprise's easy expansion. You must possess a current license to conduct business on the Dubai mainland. Dubai Mainland Licenses are a well-known alternative, and more are being issued yearly.

It is the ideal time for any investor to obtain a Mainland License in Dubai because there are many advantages to starting up a shop on the Mainland of Dubai, including a wide range of trading opportunities, limitless visa permits, and much more.

Bizex is well-known for advising and planning your application for the Mainland License. They have accomplished a lot in the area of business licensing. The company has built an excellent clientele base among domestic and foreign business owners.

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What Are the Steps To Getting a Mainland License in Dubai?


How to get a mainland license in Dubai? Here are the step-by-step guidelines for Getting a Mainland License In Dubai.

Step 1: Choose a Business Activity

Select a commercial venture that you want to conduct on the Dubai mainland. Try to determine whether the trading activity is feasible and can be shown on the Mainland.

Step 2: Select a Legal Form or Structure

All enterprises in Dubai are required to have a legal form or structure.

The DED (Dubai Economic Development) body also implies a legal document to which the commercial organisation must adhere.

Step 3: Reserve Your Company Name

Choose the name of your corporation or business that will serve as its brand. Once the trade name has been decided upon, reserve it with the DED and follow the procedures described in their disclosure.

Step 4: Apply for Primary Approval

You can launch your business in mainland Dubai if you submit the initial permit application. Next, apply for any further permits the Dubai Economic Development Authority may grant.

Step 5: Obtain outside approvals

Many firms can require approvals from Dubai's municipal, judicial, and ministry authorities. To get the business certified, receiving outside permissions is crucial and should be followed by the business owner.

Step 6: Gather the paperwork or documentation

Any requirement for additional paperwork and proof varies from one firm to another. Several businesses obtain other paperwork depending on how they wish to shop on the Dubai mainland.

Step 7: Reserve a Room and Hire Ejari

Renting office space for a new firm in Dubai's Mainland is excellent for an Indian investor. However, to obtain their mainland company license, businesses in Dubai must present the DED with their Ejari (my rent) evidence.


Essential Documents for Dubai Mainland License 2023


The necessary documents required by any Indian investor, businessman, or entrepreneur to get a Dubai Mainland License 2023 are as follows.

1. Passport copies of the shareholders.

2. Entry stamp or Visa page.

3. Passport-size photograph.


Advantages of Having a Mainland License in Dubai


Mainland business licences provide you with authority to conduct direct commerce with clients and supply government services. Here are the advantages of getting a mainland business license in Dubai for Indian investors and business owners.

1. Possibility of Trading with Other Mainland Companies

You can conduct business with other businesses in the mainland region if you have a mainland license. However, free zone enterprises are restricted in dealing with other firms in the same zone. They must meet several regulatory restrictions to conduct business with mainland companies. Businesses from the Mainland enjoy unrestricted access to the UAE and beyond.

2. Excellent Market Presence

Opening a shop or office anyplace in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is one of the primary advantages of holding a mainland business license. 

Additionally, this is the ideal option to conduct business in the local market and allows you to open offices anywhere in the UAE.

So, obtaining a mainland business license is a better choice if you're an Indian investor hoping for a strong market presence and long-term growth in the Dubai market.

3. Grants of Visas Will Be for An Indefinite Period

Only when you can meet the fundamental requirement of 50 square feet of office space per visa can mainland corporations apply for unlimited visa permits. And more alternatives for employing their human capital thanks to an unendingly expanding market.

4. Campaign to Encourage FDI

For Indian investors and business owners, a sudden change in economic policy has increased the allure of the Dubai mainland business license. 

Before, only the Emiratis were eligible for full ownership under the mainland certificate.

However, it now grants Indian investors the same ownership in thirteen different areas, including e-commerce, logistics, IT, storage, transport, and communication. Additionally, the Foreign Direct Investment Law (FDI Law) eliminated the prior restrictions on Indian business people conducting trade on the Dubai mainland.

Cost of Mainland License in Dubai


For a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with one investor visa, the mainland license cost in Dubai for an Indian or any other international businessman ranges from 29,000 to 30,000 AED. Budding Entrepreneurs can have an LLC business, eliminating the requirement for a UAE partner of the company.

Additional fees could be necessary when requesting a license or establishing a business on Dubai's Mainland. Extra expenses include rent and official charges, etc. Moreover, you can contact a company counseling specialist to obtain a legitimate mainland license at the lowest cost possible.

Investors should set up their company with a Mainland trade license if they want to conduct business inside the UAE. By the Federal Decree-Law No. (26) of 2020 changed some aspects of Federal Law No. (2) of 2015, Dubai's Economy opened its doors to accept 100% foreign investor ownership for certain activities.

The city of Dubai has undergone a significant metamorphosis over the past three decades, going from a small trading hamlet to one of the most prosperous cities in the world. Today, Dubai is one of the most desirable locations for business people.

With a market of over 2.2 billion consumers and a strategic geographic location that combines the East and the West. Dubai also has several benefits from the government's excellent infrastructure.

A pool of talented workers from around the world, business-friendly government policies, and the Department of Economic Development (DED) support, which promotes and streamlines the process of new business setups. These factors have played a crucial role in making Dubai one of the world's most prosperous cities.

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